Tuesday, 29 September 2009

UKMap Pricing Updates

We just launched an update to our UKMap price list following feedback, over 100 downloads of the pack so far, which we are pleased with.

The updates are related to the pricing guide:
1. You can now order up to four UKMap tiles for your minimum order fee (a saving of £400!).
2. We have simplified our pricing structure.
UKMap with maintenance is now only £200/sqkm a saving of £160/sqkm
UKMap without maintenance is £140/sqkm.
Both these prices are for all 9 layers of UKMap - bargin!
The price list is focused on the 1 to 10sqkm, not 20sqkm.
For those who want areas above 10 sqkm please call us.

Look out for the new UK National Map Reference system - need to wiki this to explain more.

Friday, 25 September 2009

UKMap - Every Little Helps

Alot I am sure is going to come out of the AGI conference over the coming weeks.
We at UKMap had a great time and were over whelmed with the reception we received and the positive comments we were given - more on that later.

So why the change of  logo?  In a conference 'boxing match' between Google and OS, UKMap was positioned similar to a well know supermarket, so our friends at STAR-APIC (Tom & Stuart) were quick to come up with this.
Yes we are happy with the analogy - as we are about competition and choice for the consumer and about value at a competative price.
But no we are not changing our logo.
More to come.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

UKMap Prices Out

UKMap pricing now out.  Hope you all like it.  Feed back please.

To tired to write more after exhausting AGI 2009 conf - what a great event.  But more on that later

Sunday, 20 September 2009

UKMap Licensing

Reading through the final draft of the UKMap end user licence document and wondering how the professional user community will react to our licensing document.
We have tried to keep it simple to enable less onerous use of our mapping, but I just wonder how many will misinterpret this to be a licensing to mis use.

I hope not many, as for every time we see an abuse of our mapping we are then forced to consider amending our licence and then our EULA starts to become huge! Which defeats the object of all UKMap stands for.
Lets hope sanity prevails " use and not abuse" comes to mind. Time will tell.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

UKMap Field worker sights #1

We all know parking in London is at a premiun but this is surely going a bit far! Note the red thing squashed in between the two cars - it's a motor bike.

A photo taken by one of our field workers in south London. No injuries we gather phew!

More great sights to follow.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

UKMap pricing out soon

OK, I know this blog has been quiet, but we are back. Summer has been very busy, new flying for the next UKMap cities (in partnership with of our great friends at Aerodata) 19 presentations in 5 weeks, the final compilation of UKMap ready for publication and sorting our our pricing documents.

Look out next week for their release on our web site, some 200 demonstration data users are very keen to see this.

In advance I can say we have kept our pricing and licensing documents to a minimum, they have been reviewed by some current and prospective users - feed back very positive - phew!

Keep an eye on the web site next week.