Tuesday, 29 September 2009

UKMap Pricing Updates

We just launched an update to our UKMap price list following feedback, over 100 downloads of the pack so far, which we are pleased with.

The updates are related to the pricing guide:
1. You can now order up to four UKMap tiles for your minimum order fee (a saving of £400!).
2. We have simplified our pricing structure.
UKMap with maintenance is now only £200/sqkm a saving of £160/sqkm
UKMap without maintenance is £140/sqkm.
Both these prices are for all 9 layers of UKMap - bargin!
The price list is focused on the 1 to 10sqkm, not 20sqkm.
For those who want areas above 10 sqkm please call us.

Look out for the new UK National Map Reference system - need to wiki this to explain more.

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