Thursday, 8 October 2009

UKMap countrywide flying programme

Yes, as you may have guessed we have just announced our plans to deliver a new countrywide aerial survey programme for the UK. Why you may ask are we doing this given that there are a few others already attempting to do this.

Well to put it simply we need high quality, up to date aerial imagery that is our copyright to be the base for our UKMap product.

Thanks to our friends at Aerodata we have in fact already started the process by flying the West Midlands, Yorkshire, and Nottinghamshire areas of the country, with a digital camera at 10 cm resolution.
One unique part of our plan is to fly all year round - obviously only in good weather - but we feel this will give us the ability to collect all the imagery we need in a few years and will give the advantage of imagery without the blanket of leaves that accompany summer flying programmes.

Keep an eye out for more developments soon.

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