Monday, 1 June 2009

UKMap Launched

Well today we announced the launch of a new commercial large scale mapping programme for the UK that has been created independently of OS; UKMap.
We have ambitiously set ourselves the target of achieving coverage of 568 towns and cities within 5 years (We recently completed a similar product for two telecoms companies within 18 months, albeit to a much reduced specification).
Crazy or not we started with the obvious city if not the hardest - London, all 1,570 sqkms of it.

That is all digitised now and a large part of the field work is complete as I write, now it is a case of putting it all together. September will see the launch of the full London product, although we do have some customers already using parts of London now.

Look out Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, we come!

Very exciting, if not daunting to be the first (I think?) commercial company to come out with a large scale mapping product.
Check out the official web site for more details; or keep tabs on our progress through this blog.

Please feel free to contribute too!

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