Wednesday, 10 June 2009

UKMap Launch

Well, what a blast! We had our launch on Monday 8th at the British Computer Society with over 70 invited guests in attendance. It was really good to see such enthusiasm and excitement for what we have done. Excitement and geography don't often go together but this was one occasion it did!

We showed UKMap on a Mac (Ed was happy!) and in the usual GIS software. Our Oracle solution attracted much attention and a big thanks to the guys at STAR-APIC for pulling out the stops to deliver this.

Many of the guests were intrigued by our latest data collection device, supported by a grant from BERR we have created a rapid data collection PC complete with digital compass, camera, GPS and a bright screen - all with a long battery life and one that you can carry!

Our official press release gives some quotes from users, not for here, but we were genuinely surprised by the sense of surprise and awe at what we had achieved and for some how real this was as an alternative of other mapping sources.

Next up GeoData 2009, June 17th at the Emirates.

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  1. Great launch, and great to see it public at last. Well done to you and all at TGG.