Thursday, 18 June 2009

The week that was

Well what a week, topped by an article in the Guardian online . So much going on, here is a synopsis:

Monday - Houses of Parliament to meet MP Mark Todd, spent an hour with him discussing governments view (or rather his view of it from the inside) on geographic data, trading funds and location issues. To sum it all - no real change for UK's trading funds too much else going on and no overarching policy/control, if anything more competitive trading funds.

Tuesday - finalised our demo data and started the process of cutting the data to service the 100+ requests - thanks for being so patient those who have sent back completed forms

Wednesday - GeoDATA 2009 - over 200 people listening to 11 different talks on GI data, meeting with 12 companies. A great day, we were very busy, huge interest - and yes pricing will be released - in September - and no we are not planning to do Cumbria!

Thursday - British Cartographers Society - guys who know about maps and creating them. Gave a paper on UKMap - stunned silence. They were figuring out what this means and how they can create wonderful maps with our data. Great stuff.

Friday - answering emails - don't have a 'crackberry'!

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  1. wasn't so much 'stunned silence', more bored senseless by long product pitch